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As a submissive daughter, Maya was expected to honour her father’s name and wish and, of a middle-class Indian expatriate, she was also expected to “fit into life in the West without losing sight of our Indian values” (100). She would be the custodian and nurturer of cultural traditions in “renewed patriarchal structures” to foster an imagined unified and self-sufficient cultural community with strong ties to the old world. But Maya cancels her engagement with prakash to marry a Canadian man. By defying her father’s wishes and forsaking her family duties, Maya, on the one hand, initiates her own transformation into a diasporic subject with multiple belongings and groundings; on the other, she confronts Sripathi with the changing reality of…show more content…
This novel projects the issue of love marriage of Maya with a foreigner. Before going to Canada for higher studies Maya was engaged to prakash, but later she thinks Alan, living with her in Canada would be better suited for her. Her father cuts off relation with her. Maya and Alan’s sudden death creates great turmoil and disturbance in Sripathi Rao’s personal life and at his home. After the death of Maya and Alan, the procedure for preparing financial papers, death certificates, cremation and adoption of Nandana by Sripathi in Vancouver, show that though validity was the basic requirement for preparation of all the documents, it was less trouble some in Canada than in India. Maya had written letters to his relatives informing the minutiae of student life in a foreign country and other interesting bits of information about the world across the seas. Maya’s mother informs her about Yugadi festival, as she was attached to India. There was a mention of Halloween celebration in Canada and Deepavali in India. Maya wears a sari at Nandana’s school on international day in special dress. Nandana, as a kid in Canada, used to listen about India from Maya, her mother. When Maya had shown pictures of her house in India, Nandana curiously asked: if any ghost inside the

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