Nadana Short Story

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Badami’s picturization of Maya’s family in Vancouver was alluring, there was the lovable father Alan, the beautiful and intelligent mother Maya and the talkative cute daughter Nandana. Nandana and her father Alan share a very lovely relationship. Alan was the one who introduced her to books and she developed a liking for them. Her father painted and designed her dresser drawer for her; they do many activities together as a family, which made the little girl miss her parents a lot. Though there were no separate chapters on Alan, he was beautifully pictured were one yearned for such a father. During her seven years of stay in Vancouver, Maya wrote letters to her mother and called her every week, though Sripathi did not like it. Nanadana has been staying…show more content…
For several days, she swung between disappointment and anger, unaware of what has occurred and worrying why her parents have not come for her yet. All kinds of thoughts churn in her mind. Was her host adopting her? When she was first told that her parents were dead, she refused to accept that, and she wondered whether she has been abandoned because she was bad. However, when her parents death was confirmed, she reacted by completely ceasing to speak. She was told that her grandfather, who was now her guardian, was coming to take her to India. At that news she was not happy at all, “Once she had overheard her father saying to her crying mother”, “why do you tourture yourself like this? If the old man doesn’t want to see you, to hell with him you have us, don’t you?” (THE HERO’S WALK 71). Nandana was aware that “she did not like him. Her grandfather. He made her mother cry...” (71). Nandana’s apprehension was also revealed when she imagined her grandmother in a sari, sometimes in English. Nandana has a difficult time parting with familiar objects her father’s computer, desk and chair, and her dresser, which he had restored, painted and decorated with a
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