Nadine Gordimer Symbolism

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There is no prosperity in the likes of God’s creations. The concept of caste, religion in the 21th Century has been conveyed to the people. The racial discrimination in the hinges is a mundi that is lot of the lives of many. This racial discrimination is very prevalent among the black people. The people are surprised by the fruitful traps between the human societies look peculiar to the modern people and still they have the scars of the age old tradition. The sufferings of the black people and the woes of their racial discrimination can be understood by the present generation. Nadine Gordimer (20 November 1923-13 July 2014) was a South African writer, political activist and a recipient of the 1974 The Booker prize and 1991 Nobel Prize in literature. She was recognized as a woman “who through her magnificent epic writing has in the words of Alfred Noble – been of very great benefit to humanity”. Gordimer’s writing deals with moral and racial issues, particularly about the apartheid in South Africa. Under that regime, works such as Burger’s Daughter and July’s people were banned. She was active in the anti-apartheid movement, joining the African National congress during the days when the organization was banned, and gave Nelson Mandela advice on his famous 1964 defence speech at the trial which led to his conviction for life. She was also active in HIV/AIDS causes. Gordimer’s short stories at once capture the interest of the readers and transport them into the South African
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