Nadowesmen And The Sioux Indians

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A lot of nativedi nations lived on the Great Plains including the Sioux. The name Sioux comes from the sioun word “Nadowessi” which means little snake.The sioux indians originally came from Asia. These Native Americans lived in the territory of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North and South Dakota etc. A Frenchman, moved into Sioux territory in the seventeenth century and took control of much of their land. The Sioux Indians were a powerful tribe with a rich history. The sioux we nomadic which meant they moved from place to another.They followed the pattern of buffalo which assured them there will be enough food and clothing. The Sioux tribe were well known for their hunting and warrior culture. War was a very important part of the Plains Indian culture which led to inter-tribal conflicts . The Siouan men wore face paint for religious ceremonies and, war paint in times of war. War Paint was used to make Sioux warriors look strong and the designs and colors that were used were believed to hold magical powers that can protect them . The clothes worn by the sioux were mainly made out of animal skin/fur.The clothes they wore were made primarily from animal skins. Men wore deerskin shirts with leggings while women wore full length dresses with leggings underneath to keep warm. The Sioux liked to decorate their clothing with colorful items such as beads, they also used natural items including shells, animal teeth and claws.They protected their feet
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