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Nag Panchami- A Day Dedicated to Snakes (19th August 2015)

Nag Panchami is a festival of offering prayers and milk to snakes as they are considered equivalent to Hindu deities. They are considered supreme form of nature and the ones who helped in the creation process. On the fifth day of bright half of lunar month of Shravan (July-August), according to Hindu calendar, people either try to find a real snake to pray to or they install a deity made of stone, silver or wood. The day is known by various names such as Bhratru Panchami, Bishari Puja, Naga Vardhini Panchami etc.


A prince named Janamejaya was very furious on the death of his father which was caused due to a snake bite of a snake named Taksaka. Janamejaya decided to take revenge by killing every snake alive in the universe. He called in priests and sages with immense knowledge of scriptures and asked them to perform Sarpa Satra, according to which a sacrificial fireplace would be built so to sacrifice all the snakes. The sages started chanting mantras and such was the power of the ritual that snakes from all over the galaxy started falling in the fireplace. Soon all snakes were dead except Taksaka who had taken protection in the nether world of Indra. When sages came to know about it, they increased the tempo of their chanting to
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The day is known as Bhratru Panchami in some parts as women worship snakes to protect their brothers from snake bites. As snakes live in holes, people do not dig or plough earth on this day to ensure that no snake is harmed. In places like Maharashtra and Kerala where one can find snakes in abundance, snake charmers carry a dormant snake with them and ask for alms by visiting various houses. Brahmins are also fed on the day. Some people consider fasting on this day very auspicious. Those who do not observe fast eat only boiled or steamed food and avoid fried

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