Naga And Kurtz Character Analysis

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3. Nanga and Kurtz as two Corrupt Leaders : Achebe’s Nanga and Conrad’s Kurtz are two remarkable figures. Both are educated, Nanga is minister of culture and Kurtz is at the head of a big trading company of Ivory, a gifted man, and an artist. Both of them have optimistic theories and flourishing projects for Africa. At the beginning of each novel, the two characters, Nanga and Kurtz, are looking for the welfare of the common man. Nanga is supposed to be “the man of the people” , that is the man who looks for the wellbeing of the common people, and Kurtz is supposed to be the bringer of the Christian blessing and the Western civilization and culture , but later , as they experience wealth and power , they gradually grow into shallow materialists who care for nothing more than material gain, and the satisfaction of their desires whatever the means and consequences are. In other words, these two Faustian characters fall into immorality and evil. Through his character Nanga, Achebe aims to portray the politicians as evil and to show how politics make people change. Unfortunately, these politicians forget their values, traditions, cultures, morals and run after money and power. “ Those politicians became transformed by this strange devil, called politics.” (Ekwensi

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