Naga City Strategy

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Naga City’s new blue print is a strong evidence that the city surpasses its issues regarding its political economy migration and resolving the effect on population and development of its city. Mayor Robredo together with his management team and with all-out support of other government sectors/organizations involved in the process, they develop an organization that has the potential of carrying out strategy successfully. Employing best options and programs for constant improvement and disbursement of abundant city’s resources to strategy-essential activities are some of the steps implemented by these organizations in achieving the city’s goal. Control system and continuous improvement was also seen in the process. To clearly communicate
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This would not be possible if there is no unity between these different organizations and other government sectors. Everyone who has been part of this success plays an important role in achieving the city’s goal. The assistance and guidance given by these different organizations and government sectors greatly affect in the process of achieving its goal. However, the road to success is not smooth as what we think. Mayor Robredo together with his management team and the rest of the people involved especially those different organizations and government sectors had experience difficulties throughout the process. Ironically, the increase in population scale has becoming alarming to the local government. The city’s resources and offered services to its native community are endangered to be limited due to population increase. It has brought a lot of negative ramifications in the local government. And it is a big challenge to the local government to resolve its…show more content…
Due to continuous increase in the population scale resulted into resource’s scarcity. The services provided by the local government of Naga City to its constituents becoming limited due to high demand. Ironically, Poor migrants became squatters which added to the already worsening problem of urban poor housing. Thus, the influx of people resulted to sanitation problems, water and air pollution, and traffic congestion, slum and squatter settlements and a lot more. Just like in other cities in the Philippines, the rate of population growth in Naga far exceeds job creation, leading to more unemployment and worsening

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