Nagareddy Case Study

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Arrested after 36 patients died, Narendra Nagareddy had been held at his office following a raid from DEA agent. Around 12 of the 36 patients died from an overdose. Almost 40 federal and local agents raided his Jonesboro office as they seized even more assets at his home. As a psychiatrist of Jonesboro, Nagareddy has been over prescribing benzodiazepine and opiates for the last several years, which has led to multiple overdoses and deaths. People have come to Nagareddy for help, but instead of receiving help, they are met with deadly consequences. If the allegations prove true, Nagareddy could be found guilty of violating Georgia 's Controlled Substance Act. One of the patients they identified as the 29-year-old Audrey Austin, a mother of two. Austin died only days after receiving prescription medications from Nagareddy. Ruth Carr said that Audrey was an addict, and Nagareddy made it easy for her to access medications. He first received his license in 1999, but even several years ago, there have been online complaints…show more content…
Investigators of criminal law allege that he has prescribed patients pain medication, which is a prescription outside outside his profession as a psychiatrist. They found that it may not have even been for legitimate uses for the patient. Some people took to social media venting their shock that someone would kill innocent people in the name of profit. It has been a horrible betrayal of trust. Narendra Nagareddy 's bond has been posted at $100,000. He continues to argue for his innocence. As of right now, Nagareddy faces one felony drug charge for illegally prescribing pain medication, but investigators of criminal law say that he will likely face more charges. In the raid of his home, they took thousands of records that could take several months to sift through.
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