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The complete or partial separation of the nail plate separated from the nail bed is onycholysis, which due to trauma, psoriasis, over use of nail cosmetics, or a fungus skin condition. The space underneath the nail causes it to appear yellow or white. Depending on the condition, moderate or severe, you may just need to trim the nail, or ask a doctor about a treatment.
The white tip of the nail will begin to extend toward the cuticle. The nail may have an irregular border, and discoloration such as a brown, yellow, or green appearance. The nail plate may not be transparent (opaque), but it may be due to the gap created from separation. Fungus, yeast, and bacteria are able to inhabit underneath the nail once separation has occurred.
Repetitive trauma, overzealous manicure and overuse of nail cosmetics,
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Accumulation of thickened skin may appear underneath the edge of the nail. An opaque or white appearance, deformed or irregular border, flacking or crumbling, and/or indentions and pits deforming on the nail plate may also occur varying on the cause.
Usually the separation of the nail plat and bed is painless, but complete detachment of the nail may result in pain if sudden trauma or an active infection is the cause. Symptoms depend on the cause for onycholysis.
Your doctor will need to examine your nails to confirm you have onycholysis. Since there are a variety of causes, your doctor will need to examine if you have any skin conditions or medical problems. Note of additional characteristics of your nail, such as irregular shape, discoloration, or any evidence of skin rashes, is necessary to confirm any serious problems. A biopsy may also be necessary to check for a fungus infections.
Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and long periods of time with wet nails. Trimming your nails will decrease your chances of trauma.

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