Najee Quashie: The Man Who Changed My Life

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Even though I have lived in an apartment all my life while those around me lived in nice houses, I have learned that you should not let your background and environment shape alone who you are. I am a first generation student who does not have a father figure in my house, which is the stereotypical trend in many African American households. My circumstance of not having that man in the house has only given me more reasons to be strong and to strive for greatness. Nevertheless, who is Najee Quashie? I am a hardworking, intelligent young man striving for a bright and successful career to be a computer scientist. It all started when I was 15 in the 10th grade taking a computer class I developed a passion for working on computing devices.
Throughout my childhood, I have had to transition a lot from going to two different elementary schools, leaving America to go to Trinidad & Tobago for two years, and then coming back to America. Imagine having to make new friends every time you change schools. Picture being seven years old on a plane to a new place by
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I think one of the main reasons why I suffered from depression is I always got in trouble with my mom. I use to disrespect my mom a lot by talking back to her, not listening to what she would tell me such as doing chores, and one time I actually hit her when she tried to beat me with a belt. That is not the actual reason why I was depressed but it was the result of all those things. The result of all those things was being sent to my dad’s house. Honestly even though my dad is not a member of my household when I was younger, that was the destination for if I got into any trouble. Another reason why I suffered depression is that with my mom going to work almost every night I spent a lot of time alone. Furthermore, since many of my friends around me had their dad in their lives I rather felt sad that I did not have

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