Naka City In Phetburi (Khao Wang)

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Naka City in Phetburi (Khao Wang) This true story happened in Lantom City in Khao Wang, Phetburi. Lantom used to be the name of a flower. Lantom city is in Khao Wang, one of mysterious LANDS. Very few people know this fact. In the ancient time, Khao Wang was the Summer Palace of King Rama IV. Therefore, normal people were not allowed to go inside. Khao Wang has many names such as “Phra Nakhon Khiri” , “Khao Samon” or “Khao Khiri”. Khao or Khiri in “Thai” mean “mountain”. Today KHAO WANG is called “Phra Nakon Khiri Historical Park”. Located on 92 meters high hilltop. Khao Wang is one of attractive places in Phetburi province. Mr. Singhon said that his father used to visit “NAGA CITY” in Khao Wang. His father earned his living by growing and selling “toddy palm”. One day, his father saw a group of people coming from Khao Wang. They asked his father how to go to downtown. His father noticed that their faces looked piercing and so similar to the others. He told them how to go as requested. The second group from Khao Wang had asked his father how to go to downtown. He misunderstood that they were from the same group. In fact, they were from the other group. Their faces looked LIKE the people in the first group. He did not think that this group is the other one. So, he wondered why they asked him again? However, he told them how to go. Among this group of people, he noticed that there was a woman suffering from the thorn
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