Nakamise-Dori: Oldest Shopping Areas In Japan

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Nakamise - Dori is one of the oldest shopping areas in Japan. When Tokugawa Ieyasu, a warlord who ruled Japan in the Sengoku Period (1493-1590), founded Edo Shogun from where the people of Edo City increased rapidly. With the increasing population in this area, there are some residents who started to open shops around the site of Senso-Ji Temple and surrounding areas. This is the beginning of the arrival of Nakamise - Dori.
For tourists who are visiting Japan, Nakamise - Dori is one of the must-visit tourist destinations. Nakamise - Dori is a 250-meter-long road from the Kaminarimon Hozomon gate. Kaminarimon is the entrance to Nakamise - Dori, located in front of Senso-Ji Temple. In addition, the location of Nakamise - Dori is not far from the
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There are paintings on canvas, or painting on inked paper Right color gold and silver with picture typical japan.
• Clothes typical Japan like Kimono and Yukata with various patterns, types materials, quality and different prices. Also equipped with a typical sandal Japan called Zori or geta, fan with Motig plain Or withPaint typical japan.
Kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. Kimono is similar to a long-sleeved and rimmed mantle. The length of the kimono to the ankle. For women kimono is a dress, while for men kimono erect suit (top-down, shirt-pants). Belt cloth called Obi, wrapped around the abdomen or waist and tied at the back.
Kimono is often used by women when attending special occasions, while the men are used for weddings, theater and other formal events, as for children wearing kimono while attending the Shici-Go-San celebrations.
Yukata is a kind of kimono made from thin cotton fabric without coating. Made from a cloth that is easy to pass angina, because yukata used for the body to be cool in the afternoon or when after a night shower with a hot bath. Yukata is a nonformal kimono that men and women wear on a casual

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