Naked Spirit: A Short Story

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He 's sick of his life, has been for a while now. People say that money can 't buy happiness, but those people usually have enough of it to pay the bills and buy food for their table. Tommy Joe has none, and he 's living on the good will of his friends. A struggling musician. Well, nobody told him that without education he 'd be totally useless at the job market, and that without a proper job he couldn 't even go to Mexico with Mia and Mike for a vacation. At twenty-seven, he curses his life choices. And that 's why he is now staring at the sign on the door of a not-so-sleazy strip club. Good money, they say. Especially for pretty things like him. It 's better than selling his useless corpse. He 's just not much of a dancer, and the idea…show more content…
They also tell him he should create a fake persona for his stage self, and he should never give his real name to anyone. They start to throw him different names from Ronald the Slayer to Whiskey Cream. He laughs with them, and finds it surprising that they are friendly with each other, not so competitive as the few stripper tips online made him believe. He hopes that the club he 'll be working at has a good spirit too. After five auditions, three selected songs, four sets of clothes, and a dance routine that has him comfortable enough, he goes back to Naked Spirit. It 's the audition day, and he 's prepared for it by shaving his entire body and getting his hair done. He even had his nails fixed: black nail polish and rounded tips. He 's so nervous he can 't stay still, his fingers tapping the underside of his chair, his feet finding a similar rhythm. The line is not that long, maybe fifteen people before him, and then five more after him. All of them look gorgeous, and he feels like he 's in the wrong
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