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Naledi’s mission statement
1. My mission statement for myself is a topic that is personal and not academic because I vision that in the future, once I have succeed and accomplished what it is I have planned out to do.
My long term goal is to hopefully open a Non-government Organisation where I will be able to help others, whether I help them recover from disasters or help them financially, or I can volunteer towards an NGO. By helping others it will enable me to be considerate and compassionate to those who are less fortunate.
My short term goals would be to successfully complete the required 96 hours that the school requests we do by volunteering to the community. By volunteering it adds towards the leadership requirements, which would also be one of my short term goals of becoming a leader in
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There are profiles of which you can subscribe to to view a new video that has been posted which contributes to the easy accessibility of YouTube. YouTube’s viewer range has increased due to the videos that are frequently uploaded to the website which means that YouTube is capturing the viewers attention
3. I believe that the mission of committing to an excellence in education that Marist Brother Linmeyer would like to achieve has been accomplished in the past years, because as a private school MBL is providing a higher level of education and a particular pass rate that they strive to achieve. By setting a pass rate that they aim to achieve, MBL works and dedicates their time by providing various subjects that students can choose from in an environment where there are new occupations that need to be completed or something new invented. The pass rates at the end of the year, produced by the matriculates, is a result of how successful Marist Brother Linmeyer strive for
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