Nalo Silica Case Study

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INTRODUCTION The case of critical land has become a national issue since several decades. One source of the emergence of critical land management of forestland is not appropriate, as a result, the critical land in Indonesia is increasing every year. The real impact of the existence of critical land is environmental degradation and decline in socio-economic conditions. Critical land can lead to a decrease in land productivity and the main problems encountered in the critical land is the land of easy slopes, soil reacted sourly and poor nutrient elements. Nutrient needs during the growth of the plant are one of the important things that determine the success of an agricultural production. Silica is one of much-needed nutrient elements of a plant. Benefits of silica among others to stimulate…show more content…
RESEARCH METHODS 2.1. The synthesis of Nano silica-Chitosan Composite As much as 0.5 grams of Chitosan acetic acid 20 ml added 2% and stirred until it formed hydrogel. Added by as much as 0.5-gram silica and stirred until homogenized. The mixture obtained is entered into the syringe and melted into the NaOH 1 M and shaped granule. Composite washed with aquades. Dried in the oven at the temperature 50⁰C for 24 hours. Composites are characterized by XRD, FT-IR, and SEM 2.2. analysis of Silica In Composite By Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Each as much as 0.1 gram of the mixed aqueous solution of HCl added composite 2.5 M and 0.5 M HF with a total volume of 10 ml for through a process of dissolution for 1 week. The total concentration of Si contained in the solution to be analyzed using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) on long wave 213.86 nm. The making of the Si standard solution done by dissolving 0.1 grams of The metal in solution 20 ml HCl 37% and added aquades to the volume of 100 ml of The solution thus obtained 1000 ppm. The solution is diluted so that its concentration is obtained several times with variations 0.2; 0.4; 0.8; 1.2; 1.6 and 2.0

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