Name Of Case (Hair): Murder Of Leanne Tiernan

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Case 1:
Name of Case (Hair):
Murder of Leanne Tiernan
Leanne Tiernan
John Taylor
Connection to case:
Tiernan had a scarf around her neck that had a few hairs attached to it. There was no sufficient DNA from the hair but they matched the mitochondria to John Taylor.

Case 2:
Name of Case (Fiber):
Murder of Nancy Titterton
Nancy Titterton
John Fiorenza
Connection to Case:
The only clues to the case was a horsehair and a little line of rope. Detectives went through almost every rope and twine manufacturer in the northeast, it was found to come from Hanover Cordage Company in York, Penn. Company records showed that the same cord had been sold to Theodore Kruger's upholstery shop in NYC. John Fiorenza is

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