Named Persons Argument Essay

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A new ministry! Well you waited long enough! My prayer is that I will not disappoint you as a preacher or as a pastor. As part of my ministry I hope to produce a regular newsletter containing a pastor’s message as well as items of current news relevant to the life of the congregation and also news from the broader Christian community in the world. Concerning the ancient city of Nineveh, there is an intriguing phrase in Jonah 4:11 ….Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than six score thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand….. Some take this to refer to infants too young to understand life and conduct. However, it could equally refer to citizens completely incapable of recognizing right from…show more content…
We also found the lack of public outcry equally puzzling. Only now is there some opposition to this legislation being heard. Yet this must be the worst interference of family affairs ever legislated in a democracy. It is quite outrageous that any government would violate the privacy of domestic families in this manner. Just as disturbing is the readiness by which society has accepted the validity of homosexual marriage. In living memory its associated practice was abhorrent in the eyes of decent citizens; whereas nowadays its normalization and full social acceptance is a fait accompli. We feel like asking our fellow citizens what Paul asked the Galatians: who has bewitched you? So what happens to any society that loses its moral compass? It is foolish to assume that the public and political leaders will ultimately know when to put the brakes on; that they are bound to say at some stage: this far and no further. Once a society deviates from standards established by God it becomes impossible to generate a moral braking system that everyone will abide by. The entire moral and ethical arena becomes subjective and citizens will be ruled by the loudest voices and by the most persistent and sophisticated pressure
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