Nameless Tennessee Essay

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I. Introduction
“Nameless, Tennessee” is about a person wanting to learn about a town in Tennessee from a couple of people who own a retail store in the town. They plan on selling the store because of a lack of business and plan to move to Cordell Hull Lake. The town is described as old and run-down with retail stores and barns all around. From reading the story, Nameless sounded very familiar to LaFollette, almost as if they are the same town. Even the description of the stores and barns sound like LaFollette. My life experience in LaFollette has not been one worth writing about due to being out of touch with the modern world.
II. Retail Stores
To begin with, some of the stores in LaFollette are not fully developed as they could be. For the
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Once, a student asked out loud if anyone else would like to buy crack. Fights occur often over trivial reasons. The students do not even bother learning the material, mostly out of refusal to do so.
IV. Town
The town has old and rusty homes falling apart with trash scattered around. Out in the front yards of some buildings, junk cars and trucks are lawn decorations. Roads are full of potholes that the tires of cars dip into. The road is especially terrible when it snows and the roads are frozen solid. The traffic lights are turned off and it is extremely difficult to drive in this weather. Also, the town has also been known to have a horrible problem with drug and alcohol trafficking. Just about daily, another arrest is made for having illegal narcotics or just drinking and driving. The most common basis for people being arrested is possession and abuse of controlled substances.
V. Conclusion
My life in LaFollette has not been a great life. The town is underdeveloped in comparison to other towns close by and has issues with drugs and alcohol. Crime occurs nearly daily. However, LaFollette is my home and where I was raised. It is where the first chapter of my life started and it can only get more worthwhile as I intend to make my life

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