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Namesake: By Jhumpa Lahiri(A comparative analysis of film and novel) From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of another fabulous novel written “Interpreter of Maladies”, Jhumpa Laheri’s critically appraised first novel is a finely wrote, deeply moving Moving family drama that highlights the significant themes: the immigrant experience, the Clash of cultures, the forced and conflicted tie between generations. The storyline of namesake takes the Ganguli family from their tradition- bounded life in Calcutta through their distressed transformation into Americans. On the base of an Arranged marriage, Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli, the protoganist of this film and novel Settle in Cambridge , Massachusetts , where Ashoke give his best to adapt while…show more content…
Gogol(the famous Russian writer) as Ashoke always makes an attempt to connect with his son through Gogol in the same way as the famous Russian writer use to connect with his grandfather, but Gogol always use to ignore these gestures on not recognizing them as for what it was. In the novel there is an incident when Gogol’s father gifts him a book of short stories by Nikolai V. Gogol on his 14th birthday. Gogol thanks his father politely and continues to listen to his strange kind of music. Then there is a quote quoted by his father Ashoke “we all came out of Gogol’s overcoat”, Gogol Ganguli then desperately asks his father as to what he mean by this. But then his father says that someday he will understand the meaning of this. Now Jhumpa Lahiri does not tell us as what it meant for Ashoke or how it will be a significant quote for him she is just trying to portray the thought of Ashoke that he is trying to make his understand that how a name is significant for oneself. Lahiri also has shown guilt feeling of Gogol changing his name into Nikhil. By the name, his father wanted to give him a trans-cultural identity , but for Gogol his new name Nikhil is more sexy, cool and normal to him as to previous

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