Creative Writing: Forbidden Love

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When he entered his room, Biju was shivering, and Zoya's snores were a fortunate reminder of her untroubled sleep. Tip toeing his way, he crawled himself beside her and prayed that she didn't hear him entering the room. With a great difficulty Biju finally made himself comfortable, he closed his eyes and began an inevitable reminiscing about his strange night. The rush of having a secret that could endanger him was enthralling and profound. Trying to remember Namrata's smile, he found himself smiling too; it was a mad thing, there was no rationality to it, but it felt ecstatic, liberating. Heavy chains of isolation had finally been unshackled. It felt good, it brought a sense of lightness. Both of them continued talking for another hour after her spontaneous hug, they didn't leave anything unspoken between them. Destiny is a…show more content…
"You know I tried my best..." Zoya's voice grew harder "I loved you even when I shouldn't have, I loved you when you were out partying, getting drunk, having foreign trips" the room grew warm with her hot anger. "I never had a single fling with anyone all these years, even when there was nothing left between us. So don't you fucking blame it on me." Biju remained silent, his speechless face made her angrier. "I loved you. You know that, but you changed, you avoided even looking at me. The reason for my absence was never to get away from you, it was to find enough distraction to keep myself from returning to you." his eyes swelled and cheeks full of glittering tears "All this time I craved to be loved, and you just didn't care enough. So yes, I do blame you," he walked away slowly," and no, I'm not going to spend another moment masking that sadness in me." HE turned and closed the door behind him and walked away hearing audible sobs fill the space between
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