Namit Arora On Eating Animals Analysis

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Namit Arora, author of the article “On Eating Animals”, harshly captures the inhumane production of meat in America with repulsive imagery and shocking details. Arora, writer at, reveals the immediate attention that Americans give to their pets and news-famous animals like Molly a runaway cow, yet they neglect to realize the millions of livestock being killed daily. With an accusatory and critical tone Arora condemns the hypocrisy of those who are pro-life for animals, but they still consume meat products. In return, this clarifies the injustice towards these animals for his American readers and global viewers. Namit Arora’s devastating imagery underscores the brutality of American actions towards innocent animals with descriptions such as, “the cow, bellowing miserably and hobbling like a drunk for several seconds before collapsing” and, “...died on the street in a pool of blood.” When the readers imagine a drunk they usually think of a comical situation where a dazed and confused person stumbles and falls. The situation with the cow is the…show more content…
He uses the appeal to emotion and logic in his examples which clearly illustrate his opinion and knowledge of the slaughtering of animals. However, his choice in emotional and logical argumentation did not necessarily strengthen his persuasion. He overwhelms his readers with guilt when he continuously infers that Americans are to blame for the grotesque and shocking examples he provides. This repetitiveness becomes annoying and it ultimately takes away from the actual feeling of guilt. Overall, Namit Arora’s use of extreme examples successfully informs the readers of the inhumane actions towards animals but his information is not effective enough to compel his American readers to stop eating
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