Namit Arora On Eating Animals Essay

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Namit Arora in his article On Eating Animals denounces Americans’ everyday obliviousness towards the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. With an accusatory tone Arora reaches out to meat-eating Americans that aren’t aware of the cruelty present in the meat industry. Furthermore, Arora writes to expose the hypocrisy of Americans who claim to be pro-animal despite their ignorance of the malice and the mistreatment of livestock in slaughterhouses. The context of this piece is the media’s reactions to cows escaping their doom and the modern day indifference of society toward the inhumanity of slaughterhouses. With grotesque imagery Arora compels the reader to realize their hypocritical ways by intending to provoke a sense of pity and guilt within them. Arora’s abrasive imagery inflicts guilt upon meat-eaters with phrases such as “pumped her with bullets” and “died on the street in a pool of blood”. Carnivores feel remorse for their deadly eating habits when reading these shocking images that enable the reader to hear and witness the cruel acts they force these cows to endure.…show more content…
Incorporating the term “escaped” brands Molly the cow as a prisoner or a criminal breaking out of captivity. Additionally, this term implies that Molly was in captivity for a reason and is running away from the consequences of her actions. If Arora were to replace “execution” with the word death or demise he would lose the emphasis on how meat-eaters force cattle to suffer the consequences of their actions. “Corpses” creates a connection between cow meat and dead human bodies. This word is commonly used when talking about human bodies, as the connection comes to mind the reader gets a sense of uneasiness when giving cows the same value of humans. Implicating the idea that cow’s lives have the same value as human lives aid the author in accusing his audience of their hypocritical
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