Nan Adams: A Short Story

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Lady, where are you going to?
It was a shinny Sunday of the spring when Nan Adams stretched her leg on the red sofa, having her half closed eyes from sleepiness. The long vacation brought her enough time to relax and reward herself as a lazy cat. Outside the garden of her fancy house, day seemed to pass by slowly. She waved her beautiful hand over the side table, catching the remote control of TV and immediately yawned at daily news running on the screen. Many advertising crossed over as she had a glimpse on them. Her eyes would close and she would fall into a dreaming sleep if there was not a pop up from a winery at Napa valley. Nan Adams was so familiar to many wine labels from that up north California. Since her job as a secretary of an
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She grabbed a long breath before jumping to her car, smile satisfying. Warm sunlight was over her hairs, she was singing louder her favorite song A New Day Has Come when started the engine and pushed to the pedal; the car sound like a murmur cat and run out of the town quickly. “How happy am I when running on the freeway in such a nice season”, she told herself as a courage to finish the long trip. Many green grass fields passed quickly as she drove so fast at day, and many towns were visited by her when the night comes. Then she went over the boundary of Philadelphia. It was a little bit difficulty for her to drive on this short freeway, since the face of the road had many small and big pools, and the sunset was nearly completed its cycle.
Nan Adams found her powerless on controlling the car when it came through many pools. She felt tired when one of her car tire blowout at such a quiet desolate area like this suburban in Virginia. She sighted heavily when she moved to the pavement, her stomach sounded like a frog in the night since she was too
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Kevin grabbed the wheel and used all of his power to turn the car back to the road. The car finally stopped at the pavement, and Kevin opened the door fiercely, say goodbye to crying Nan, left her leaving in a confusing.
Nan wiped her tears again. She knew now she had to finish the rest of the trip alone. She was thinking about her mother. There were many things happened to her. She wanted to talk to her mother. She should have told her mother about the plan and had her advice before taking the adventure. She totally felt tired. Things seemed went on in a strange way that she was not able to understand and deal with.
Nan had driven for a long road since Kevin left her. As she passed a small town, she found out a public telephone station. There she would call her mother and tell her about her circumstance.
The phone was ringing while her mind floated through images of that man. A voice coming up to the phone made her so surprise. That was not her mother.
“Who’s that?” Nan asked with the highest curiosity
“I’m the agent working for the hospital”
“A hospital? Who are you? This is my mother’s phone
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