Nana Definition Essay

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If you were to ask me what three word best describes our Nana, it would be perseverance, caring, and strong-willed. She was the matriarch of the Fernandez bloodline, and the glue that bonded us together. It was because of her we are able to set aside our differences and make the most of life and understand the true meaning of family.

Nana was born on February 8, 1926 to Juan and Eusebia Domingo. She was the last daughter out of six children. Even at a young age, she showed perseverance by getting married at the age of 16 to our beloved departed grandfather Manuel Fernandez. Thereafter, as the years went by nana and tata were very blessed with nine children. In order to make a living with nine children and to raise them properly was very hard
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She taught her children the hard way of making a living first. So that they would understand that life doesn’t come easy; and that you need to work hard from humble beginnings, in order to get there. Some of her children experienced that type of life, instead of going to school, the older children were sent to work in the fields, or as housemaid nannies, or sent to the military in order to earn money to help nana and tata send the younger children to…show more content…
Kids or babies would be scared to come and get “Pesil” by nana because they remember the lady who squeezed their stomach with her amazing hands. After the massage done the kids were less fussy and happy when their tummy aches and pains were gone. Her amazing hands of healing showed her caring and loving side because she couldn’t bear to see anyone, especially the kids being fussy or in pain. Nana instilled this sense of caring and loving with her grandchildren, telling them to love your children unconditionally no matter how naughty or unbearable they can become. Her caring nature towards us grandchildren may have been different for each and every one of us but she loved us all
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