Nancy Berber The Help Analysis

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Nancy Berber’s discussion and quote analysis was very thought provoking. Berber’s chosen quote in, “The Help,” by Katheryn Stockett was indeed a unique quote for this discussion. Berber’s analysis of Eugenia Phelan was correct when she asserted that Miss Skeeter was very different from everyone in Jackson, Mississippi. Stockett worked hard writing Miss Skeeter’s character as unique, different, and as a hidden beauty inside and out. Even though Miss Skeeter’s mother always portrayed Miss Skeeter as odd and as slightly ugly, other people always seemed to gravitate to Miss Skeeter’s inner beauty like Constantine, Miss Hilly, and Steward. It is funny how society defines beauty, but individuals within a society do not fail to identify true beauty which is inner beauty. Miss Skeeter’s inner beauty definitely came from her long and close relationship with Constantine, Miss Skeeter’s childhood maid. However, Berber’s discussion began a consideration of; what would Miss Skeeter be like if any variable was different in Miss Skeeter’s life? Would Miss Skeeter be the same if her family was different, yet Constantine was the same? Would Miss Skeeter be different if her family was the same, but the family had a different maid? For Jackson, Mississippi the Phelan family was quite laid back and tolerant. For…show more content…
So, without every variable acting in Eugenia’s life, Eugenia would not have been so unique and beautiful, inside and out. Maybe she would have been more like Miss Hilly if any of those variables were different. Good thing none of those variables were different because there are too many Miss Hilly’s in the world and not enough Eugenia
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