Nancy Bratcher: A Short Story

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I am not the type that can lie and be okay with it, so I actually got on my bike and took a trip to Walmart. My big feet barely fit on the pedals. Lucky for me, Walmart is right around the corner, so I was there in no time. Shopping for my sister is impossible. To begin with, I made my way to the crafts area. Video games and sports are more my thing, so I looked like a homeless kitten in the craft area.
“Excuse me sir, umm... can I help you?” a old woman asked in her raspy voice. There was something about this lady that seemed way too familiar to me. Have I met her before... Maybe she was my long lost grandma... Okay Okay, I knew I was overthinking this just a slight. All I knew was there was something about her strong violet scent.
“Umm no thank you...” I replied nervously towering over the small women. She continued to stack the yarn, while I stared at her hypnotized. The name written on the name tag seemed familiar... Nancy Bratcher... Nancy Bratcher... Where have I read Bratcher before? I thought back to the letters and realized the thief 's last name was Bratcher. Could this Walmart worker be related to the thief? I did not think Bratcher was that common of a last name... I pretended as if I was reading the “How to Knit” book, while I realized the bright red nail polish painted on her
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The scent was finally escaping from my nose, my the time i pulled into the driveway. With the gifts in my hand I quietly tip-toed upstairs like Santa at midnight on Christmas Eve. The second I opened my bedroom door, I knew what the smell was! The lady smelt identical to the letter that cursed my mom. Why would the lady and the letter smell the same? I am pretty sure the strong violet smell was not a perfume, but more like a chemical... I took a second glanced at the red paint on the envelope, in was was 99% positive it was the same color on the ladies
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