The Old Jest: Summary

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Name of book (and relevance to the story) - The book 's title is "The Old Jest", I think it 's called like that because the story is about a young 18 year old girl who isn 't taken really seriously, people see her as a child who doesn 't know nothing about life, they see her as a "jest". But, during the story, she starts to grow up and be wiser. That 's why she is "The old jest" because she is not the "jest" anymore, she is mentally older than what she was.
Setting where and when (and relevance to the story) – "The Old Jest" is set in a village on the Irish coast, not far from Dublin, in the summer of 1920. In this time, there is an Irish War of Independence. The story tells the life of an ordinary girl who just turned 18. The story focuses on the girl 's life near a war zone. She is still a child, and she needs to grow up in this war and see awful news about bombing and shooting. I think that the setting makes her become older and smarter, because of the war;
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Nancy is the main character in the story. She is an 18 year old girl. She is an orphan, her mother died after Nancy 's birth, and she doesn 't know her father, she never saw him. She lives with her aunt and her grandfather. She is the main character, the whole story is about her, and so she is very important to the story.
Antagonist-Angus Barrie. Nancy finds him in her beach hut. They talk, and he seems to be a nice man, but really mysterious. At first, he hasn’t told Nancy his name, and only at the end, when the police looked for him, his name was revealed, and Nancy finds out he works for the Irish and he and his friend, Joe Mulhare, were responsible for the death of 12 British soldiers. As I mentioned, at first he seemed to be kind, so you can 't notice he 's the antagonist in the story, but at the end, you find out he is a dangerous person. He also liked to carry a gun in his pocket. At the end of the story, he got shot by the British police, and he got
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