Nancy Lee American Dream Speech

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“We become what we are only by the radical and profound rejection of what others have said about us,” ( Sarte 894). One Friday morning Nancy Lee gained a new passion to fight injustice. We all have hurtles we have to jump over to achieve our American dream, Nancy has to face injustice based on the color of her skin. She is treated like every one else by her classmates and teachers, then bam, she is reminded that her skin is darker than her light skinned classmates. Our culture is very important to our identities and as we go through our lives we reflect on our experiences and what we have been taught.
Nancy Lee wants what we all want, to be accepted and to be given all the same chances in life to achieve the American dream. The school is buzzing about the about the art scholarship and at the center of the hive is Nancy Lee. Everyone could see that her
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The school vice-principal, Miss O’Shay, is ashamed of the art scholarship committee and has experienced discrimination herself. Miss O’Shay tells Nancy about mobs rioting in the streets against the Irish community, calling them dirty Irish, and telling them to go home. Miss O’Shay gifts Nancy with this knowledge, “And we didn’t give up, because we believed in the American dream, and in our power to make that dream come true.” The vice-principal speech is very inspiring and leads Nancy to believe she can conquer this mountain of injustice. Langston Hughes wrote an inspiring tale of loss and empowerment. Nancy Lee will not let close minded people get the best of her. She will gather advocates to help her change the way people of dark skin and change Negro American from being held back just because they look a little different. She gained strength from her experience. She gained a new power from the failure of others to not see beyond her dark skin. Our culture and life experiences make us who we are, how we see the world, and how we identify
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