Nancy Mairs Cripple Analysis

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In the passage, “Cripple,” by Nancy Mairs, an author with multiple sclerosis. She talk about how she is crippled. The way she presents herself emphasizes how she has gone through with much of the discrimination and hardships, and that it show through her blunt and bitter writing, her word choice mainly using “I,” and “I’m,” to emphasize herself as the main subject in the passage. In the passage, Mairs makes it clear that she is the main subject for the essay. Her word structure makes it so that the audience know this essay is about her, and that she has gone through much pain and suffering on this matter. She would constantly use words like, I, like when she states, “I am a cripple,” or “I chose this word to name me,” or “I have long grown accustomed to them.” This emphasizes that she is the main subject, and that the entire essay will be about her.…show more content…
She is practically straight to the point, she even starts off the essay with “I am a cripple.” This implies that she has already given much thought about the subject, and that she is more than able to start openly talk about it in a very straight forward manner. When she states “And I refuse to participate in the degeneration of the language,” the audience could practically feel the anger and bitterness she has on the subject, showing them that she will not stand for something she has endured for so
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