Nancy Mairs Cripple Summary

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Richard Eyre once stated, change begins with understanding, and understanding begins by identifying oneself with another person; in a word, empathy. Nancy Mairs, a writer with multiple sclerosis, writes about her experiences of being a disabled lady, naming herself a “Cripple” by emphasizing how her interface of her diagnostics never change her perspective of interacting with people or viewing the world. Followed by a video watched in class in which it described Dr. Brene Brown terms, the difference between empathy and sympathy is that empathy: feels connection toward people’s emotions, or circumstance, but sympathy: is totally being disconnected from people's feelings, having a result of being completely the opposite, of empathy. In Mair’s essay, the word empathy or pity are one of the most essential components that she uses to build her essay as a way of evoking reader’s empathy towards her because of her…show more content…
Society perceives disable people as unable of doing the daily duty’s that a normal person could do. But in fact, they are wrong. Nancy Mairs describes how she was able to teach writing courses and teach medical students on how to give neurological examinations, making reader able to see that although , she was a “cripple” , she was able to perform some of the work of a professional person in the work- field. According to Mairs’essay “with only one usable hand, I have to select my clothing with care not so much for style as for ease of ingress and egress, and even so, dressing can be laborious”(3). Making it almost impossible for Mairs to dress up, she was to put on the necessary clothes that she needed to be covered by a piece of fabric clothing. Despite her illness, she was able to be very independent and with only one hand she was capable of dressing
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