Nancy Mairs On Being A Cripple Essay

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In the essay, “On Being a Cripple,” Nancy Mairs uses humorous diction and a positive tone to educate people about life as a cripple and struggles of people with disabilities. She does this to show how hard it is to be disabled and how it differs from the life of someone without a disability. She talks about the struggles and the fears that disabled people must deal with on a daily basis. Mairs use of rhetoric creates a strong sense of connection and understanding for the reader. Nancy Mairs is successful in using detailed imagery, diction, and tone to educate her readers about the difficulties of living with a disability. Nancy mairs makes a distinctive choice of diction when talking about her disease. When she introduces her disease to her readers she says, “I am a cripple. I…show more content…
This quote shows that even though Mairs sometimes has difficulty accepting her illness, she knows that there is a growing acceptance of people who must deal with the difficulties that she faces. This ultimately lends a hopeful and positive tone to an otherwise serious and depressing section of her essay. This contrast in tone, but general feeling of hope is key to the type of emotions that Nancy Mairs is trying to educate her readers about. Mair is successful in using multiple rhetorical strategies to connect with the reader. such as her use of detailed imagery when describing how she resembled a wriggling beetle to put a comical image in the reader's mind. Her use of positive diction to make light of her serious situation, and her different uses of tone, help educate her readers about the difficulties of living with a
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