Nancy Myth

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Many think that Nancy was just a myth and was not true. In other states, she is very honored. Georgia has many memorials honoring her. Nancy was born in the 1740s. She was either born in North Carolina or Pennsylvania. Historians do not now anything about her parents. At birth, her given name was Ann. She was always known as Nancy. She was married to Benjamin Hart and they lived in Georgia around 1771. A group named the Tories have been watching Mrs. Hart for awhile. Her daughter once spotted a spy looking through a hole in the wall. Nancy was making soap at the time when her daughter found the spy. She then threw a ladle of boiling soap. Through the hole, the spy was hit with the hot soap. She captured the man and the took him to the Patriots. Nancy was most famous for dealing with six British soldiers. When Mrs. Hart and her daughter were home alone British soldiers killed their last turkey and forced Nancy to cook it.…show more content…
Hart in the fields. As the six soldiers were eating, Nancy began to sneak guns until she got caught by one of the soldiers. She told them not to move otherwise she would kill them. Keeping her word, one of the soldiers moved towards her and she shot him dead. Trying to rush Nancy, she shot another one and they then surrendered. When her husband arrived she still had them at gunpoint. Her husband wanted to shoot the but Nancy had a better idea. They then hung all six of the soldiers. In 1912, six bodies were found buried near the Hart
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