Nancy Pelosi Argument

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Does Nancy Pelosi ever listen to herself?

She talks incessantly about income inequality, and one of her favorite topics of all time is talking about the privileged wealthy and all the breaks they get.

Pelosi can be seen on countless hours of video clips calling for the top one percent of wealthy Americans to pay their fair share of taxes.

In a true tale of the pot calling the kettle black, Pelosi is the richest woman in Congress AND the seventh wealthiest member of Congress overall. Her net worth exceeds $100 million, mainly because her husband Paul Pelosi is a very savvy venture capitalist and investor in real estate.

In fact, her wealth per her 2016 Congressional financial disclosure statement puts Nancy in the top 1/10th of the top one percent of all Americans.

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She has a lovely condo in Washington Harbor, on the very exclusive Georgetown waterfront. She prepaid all her taxes on that one too.

And, the Pelosis own tons of other properties totaling $36 million. So needless to say, they’re getting hit pretty hard.

Now, you can’t blame Nancy for doing this. It is a smart business move. It probably saved them thousands and thousands of dollars. But she’s not any regular businesswoman. It is incredible that she would do this after barking all the anti-Trump evil tax plan rhetoric. It is appalling to say the least.

It’s actually very funny, because Trump has always stuck to his guns, saying that his new tax bill eliminated the tax breaks for the wealthy. He’s wealthy, so he is imposing a tax on himself.

But the fact that this affected Pelosi, and she took the actions she did, is hysterical.

Wealthy people can deduct less, but they also now pay less overall tax—from 39.6 percent down to 37 percent—so there’s a break there. However, the Pelosis are so incredibly wealthy that they will still end up losing lots of money because there is still a deduction cap that they
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