Nandos Operational Characteristics

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This essay is writing about the current information on the scope, range and operational characteristics of one sector of the international hospitality industry. Besides that also discuss about the changes of products and services that could be expected to emerge in the next 5-10 year. I have found a restaurant which is Nando’s restaurant to be an example.This was originated in Rosettenville in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nando’s was also known as a casual dining restaurant. Nando’s had its name idea was taken from the last part of the founder’s name which is Nando in Fernando. Nando 's has some expertise in chicken dishes including its popular peri-peri chicken.
The restaurant chain was established in 1987 and had developed to work in more than
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Nando 's busiest business hour was dinner time and the lunch time during the weekend and the holiday season. Nando 's represented that, customers selected for takeaways rather than in-store eating. However, as people begin to have additional time on their hands and the hustle gets less, people appreciate coming into our excellent Portuguese theme feel restaurant to eat in and to enjoy their favourite meal with their loves ones. Families regularly pick the full house sharing meal which is currently was new smoky, sweet Mozambican paprika basting. Our as of late launched livers and casa pap is likewise proving an extremely mainstream choice. The sol salad and designer drinks are likewise climbing the charts this Christmas season. Moreover, they served everybody from happy families to labourers at lunch time or dinner time, and from groups of youngsters to dating couples. It 's a safety place for youngsters to go alone, and in a sharp advertising move, Nando 's Successfully attracted youngster’s interest and even offered free refills of soft…show more content…
In conclusion, Nando’s has different possibilities in terms of evolution. To develop the company worldwide, the management team will have to make some choices, because it will not be possible to have the same structure as a small company when being international. The problem of the culture may be the major point to examine for the future. Nando’s most focus on the selling point is that about the family feel. It prides itself on its spicy chicken and it seems that the Nando 's peri-peri sauce remains its fundamental offering point, but it 's the well disposed environment, both for employees and customers, that keep its fans loyal. Clients realize what they 're getting, which is speedy, friendly service, clean surfaces, a lot of big tables you can spread out over, special art hang on the wall, and a different architectural style in each restaurant, but Nando’s seems to have the potential to become a strong
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