Nanny Hazel Doss: The Giggling Granny

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The serial killer I chose was Nanny Hazel Doss also know as “The Giggling Granny”. Her birth name being Nancy Hazel. She was born on November 4, 1905 and then later died on June 2, 1965. Her birthplace was Blue Mountain, Alabama. Her parents were James and Lou Hazel. In her early years she would avoid her father as he was abusive and was the leader of their family. When Nannie was seven, she was a passenger on a train that came to a halt. She hit her head, then proceeded to have migraines,blackouts, as well as depression. In the sixth grade, she dropped out due to the lack of family support throughout the school. As a child before reaching her middle teens, Nancy was molested by some men from her area. There were no reported early criminal acts completed by Nannie Doss before her serial killings. Her household was very strict and she could not get out and do things with others. She committed 11 murders.The Giggling Granny completed her first murder while being with her first husband. They had four kids and two were victims of her killings. Nannie’s first husband George Frazer arrived home with two of his…show more content…
That is when she met a man named Frank Harrelson. Later the couple become married and take the two children and themselves to Jacksonville, Florida. Doss quickly found out that her husband hadn’t been like the ones she read about in her Magazines and Romance novels. She tells the story of her putting rat poison in the whiskey jar, and watching Frank drink it and soon after die a miserable death. Nannie’s oldest daughter, Melvina, has her first child named Robert. Two years later she has a healthy baby girl that soon after birth died of unexplained reasons. Melvina claims that while she was in and out during the delivery due to the medication and has some memory of her mother put a hat pin into the head of the infant. Although there was no proof of
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