Nanotechnology Advantages And Disadvantages

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1. Introduction Nanotechnology has the potential to solve problems related to human civilizations pertaining to both basic needs and aspirations for comfort life. The basic needs of human being are food, drinking water, energy, cloth, shelter, health and clean environment. The aspirations for comfort life are realizing the automation in every field, space travel and expanded lifespan and so on. Due to continuous efforts of scientists and engineers during last 30 years, there is a substantial progress in realizing the nanotechnology-based components and products in different areas including agriculture, food product and packaging, purification of water, automobiles, atmospheric cleaning, renewable energy, energy storage, consumer goods, sports equipment,…show more content…
It can be any state, circumstance, opportunity, or means specially favorable to success, interest, or any desired end. Some of the important advantages of nanotechnology are : (1) Nanomaterials are more efficient materials with very useful characteristics in terms of strength, lightness, ductility, extremely small size, thermal and electrical conductibility, and water repellency. (2) Usage of nanomaterials as raw material, machine or equipment reduces the size. (3) Nanotechnology ideas can be applied and implemented to solve almost any problem ever exist. (4) Nanotechnology provides a mean to decrease the use of energy and other resources. (5) Nanotechnology provides a mean to efficient production of energy and other resources. (6) Nanotechnology is capable of changing the basis of technology of human when it's mature. (7) By solving basic and specific problems of all ages of people in the society, nanotechnology is able to secure to the economy of the world once it is fully implemented. (8) Nanotechnology can solve basic problems of the society like nutritious food, clean drinking

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