Nanotechnology In Medical Science

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The reason I have selected this topic is that nanotechnology is a fast rising technology with massive potential in various fields such as information and communication technology, biology and biotechnology, medicine and medical technology.
I shall be mainly focusing on the use of this technology in medical science.
Nanotechnology is a technique that basically involves operating and manipulating properties and configurations at the nanoscale level, for example, as tiny as the fractions of the width of a human hair. There are many books that I will use which have information about uses of nanotechnology, these include: MEDICAL NANOTECHNOLOGY AND NANOMEDICIN, NANOTECHNOLOGY AND CANCER AND lastly NANOMEDICINE IN DRUG DELIVERY.
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Nanotechnology as a process has been used to improve the engineering precision, technical perfection, molecular manufacturing and hence, making it possible to measure, describe, characterize and quantify things at a deeper level that could not have been imagined before. Nanotechnology as a material has applications such as nanofibers and nanoparticles that are used in nanocomposites. While Nanotechnology as devices and systems are nanodevice or nanomachines that have a a nanoscale automaton and contain nanosized components for information processing. In the field of medicine, nanotechnology tools and techniques make use of the nanosclae priciples to investigate, understand and transform biological systems to make them more improved and beneficial for the mankind (Adya and Canette, 2014).
Literature Review:

This part is the literature review. It consists of three parts. In the first part, I have discussed medical nanotechnology and what exactly are nano-medicines. The second part explains how nanotechnology is being used in cancer therapy. The last part explains the use of nanotechnology in drug delivery system. The literature review is planned according to the aim and objectives of the research and all the
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Diverse methods for the combination and production of nanoengineered materials and devices are being made and can hold precursors from solid, liquid or gas phases and can part take in a extremely diverse set of investigational and tentative techniques in the field of medicine.
Some of the most regular uses of nanotechnology in medicine are given below. For example,
(i) The most common medical applications of nanotechnology are mainly seen in the detection, diagnostics such as disease diagnosis, imaging and screening, monitoring and therapeutics especially strategies are being tested for treatment of secondary spinal cord injury (Schenk, Shi & Leary, 2015). Neurological injury frequently occurs as a result of biological damage such as multiple sclerosis and mechanical damage like compression in spinal cord injury. This is a very sensitive field of treatment as a lot of people either die or most of them get paralysed due to unavailability of proper treatment and procedures. In this regard, nanotechnology is being given special attention now a day. By incorporating nanomedicine into the management of neuronal injury and disease would probably drive nanomedicine into the
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