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PHYSICS DIGITAL ASSIGNMENT – II NAME: DEVAKI PUSHPAK REG NO: 15BME0492 QUANTUM CONFINEMENT INTRODUCTION: The system’s state is known to be quantum confinement when size of the material becomes comparable to the order of de-broglie wavelength of an electron. Confinement is the confinement of motion of a randomly moving electron to restrict its motion in specifying the energy levels. The phenomenon involved in the quantum confinement is that the electrons and the holes are being squeezed into a dimension called exciton bohr radius. * Here the charge carriers are being confined within the small…show more content…
CARBON NANO TUBES INTRODUCTION: Carbonnanotubes are the allotropes of carbon with the cylindrical nanostructure . They are less than 100 nm in dia and can be thin as 1 or 2nm. Carbon Nanotubes are long and thin cylinders of carbon. These are large macromolecules that are unique for the properties they exhibit. They can be imagined as a sheet of graphite rolled into the cylinder. Nanotubes have a very wide range of electronic, thermal and structural properties that change depending on the kinds of Nanotube (define by its diameter, length and chirality or twist) being used. Nanotubes can also have multiple walls (MWNTs) cylinders inside the other cylinder. There are different types of carbon nanotubes. SINGLE- WALLED NANOTUBES (SWNTs) They possess a dia of 1 nanometer, with a tube length which is many millions of times longer. The structure of a SWNT can be known by wrapping an one atom thick layer of the graphite called graphene. The way the graphene sheet is covered is represented by the indices (n,m). The n and m denote the number of unit vectors along the two directions in the honeycomb crystal lattice of graphene. If m=0,nano tube are called as the ZIGZAG NANOTUBES. And if n=m nano tubes are called as the ARMCHAIR NANOTUBES .else they are called as CHIRAL. SWNTs are an very important variety of carbon nanotube because as the most of their properties change significantly with the

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