Nany Mcphee Analysis

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Secrets of Nanny Mcphee
In the movie Nanny McPhee, supernatural abilities were being displayed. Throughout the movie, there were seven naughty kids that did almost anything to get rid of seventeen nannies. Later on Nanny McPhee appears at Mr. Brown house in a desperate time of need in order to help discipline the kids by teaching them five lessons throughout the movie. Film devices and techniques are important to any movie because it helps grasp the attention of an individual that is watching. They also help a person to understand the concept that is being shown throughout the movie. The film techniques of sound, lighting, and set design help portray Nanny McPhee’s supernatural powers.
First, the film’s set design helps support the theme of Nanny McPhee’s supernatural abilities. In the movie, there was a distant
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When Nanny McPhee appears in the movie at Mr. Brown’s house, the lighting inside the place starts to malfunction as if there was a shortage in the circuits. The set design in this scene is used to show how powerful Nanny McPhee’s first appearance is alone thus signifying a small portion of her supernatural abilities. Also, the back lighting in the scene when Nanny McPhee first appeared portrayed a dark and shady profile of her making most people believe that something was very peculiar about her. The set design in this scene was used in order to give individuals a first impression that Nanny Mcphee may behold some powerful abilities thus making her supernatural.
The theme of Nanny McPhee is supernatural, but her character portrays so much more. According to the Stephen Holden, “Richest of all is Ms. Thompson’s McPhee, who conveys with a thousand subtle hints that just behind her affronted snaggletoothed glare lies a reservoir of affection and good will” (par. 10). Therefore, Nanny McPhee has a heart of gold for others even though she was portrayed
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