Naomi Shihab Nye And Lucinda Matlock

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“Making a fist" by Naomi Shihab Nye and "Lucinda Matlock" by Edgar Lee Masters are both about overcoming major obstacles in life to then go on and enjoy life. The two poems are similar in tone, theme, and irony. Both poems have a tone that could be described as reminiscent or nostalgic. In "Lucinda Matlock" the speaker is looking back on her life how she was happy and how she was "married and lived together [with her husband] for seventy years, enjoying working and raising twelve children." Similarly, in "making a fist" there is women who is looking back at at time where she was depressed, but instead of being negative about it she looked back at it with triumph and was reminiscing about making it through that time in her life and went on to say that "I who did not die, who am still living, still lying in the backseat behind my questions clenching and opening one small hand." The two poem's theme is also similar, they are both about people going through life and overcoming obstacles to go on and still enjoy life. In "Lucinda Matlock" the theme of the poem is that you can't fully love life until you've lived through the good times and the bad. The Woman speaking tell her "Degenerate sons and daughters, life is too…show more content…
They both talk about tragic or unfortunate events in their lives, but not with a negative tone they talk about them triumphantly and as things that just happen. In "Lucinda Matlock" the woman, who is older and now closer to death, is looking back at everything that happened to her during her life and is happy. Despite the fact that she lost eight children, she was still "enjoying, working, [and] raising the 12 children." In "making a fist" the woman is looking back at when she was a depressed girl in the back of a car seat and not feeling bad for herself. She is instead feeling triumphant for the fact she got past that point in he life and even "smile[s] to think of that
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