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For centuries, Shakespeare has shaped our modern literature in every way. The play Hamlet is written by William Shakespeare in 1601. It is about a young man who gets thrown into a life full of death, and eagerly seeks out revenge for his murdered father. Your Lie in April, an anime, has themes similar to Hamlet. Your Lie in April written by Naoshi Arakawa, follows the life of a boy named Kosei Arima. Kosei is a piano prodigy who was forced by his abusive mother to play the piano like a machine. After his cruel mother died, he has a mental breakdown which made him unable to hear the piano. Due to the aftereffect of always playing a piece to perfection and spending most of the day practicing, Kosei begins living in a world without any color…show more content…
In it, Hamlet loses everyone that is close to him. It was especially tough for Hamlet to get over that his lover Ophelia died, saying that,”I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers Could not with all their quantity of love Make up my sum ”(Shakespeare 5.1.285-288). In other words, Hamlet simply says that nothing can come close to how much he loved Ophelia. Seeing that Ophelia died tormented him for he later on said,”. In Your Lie in April, Kosei Arima deals with the loss of his mother and the loss of his lover afterwards. The way that Kosei expresses the loss of his loved ones is when his lover, Kaori Miyazono passed away after an attempt to exterminate a life threatening tumor. Arima wished that he had more time with her shown by the expression when he said,”I just wish I could play with you,“again, one… more ... time”(“Let it Ring”). He said this when he stood over Kaori’s coffin and finally understanding that life is not fair and that he must push on in life for his mother and Kaori…show more content…
In other words, Hamlet and Your Lie in April are similar due to the way that both characters see the world, loss someone dear to them, and love a person very deeply. With these themes going on throughout the stories, theme is a very important matter. Analyzing the theme is important due to the fact that that themes help express what kind of art the maker is trying to convey to the audience. Without analyzing the theme, people lose what kind of art the maker is trying to convey to the audience. Without analyzing the theme, it is possible that the art will be a little hard to understand. The importance of art to humans is tremendous because not only does art help us be creative in a world that is in dire need of it, but it also expresses us. When art is involved, the person that made it put his soul, his heart into it. Art is us. Not only is art important, but it may even save the human race. Art is a universal language. It bonds everyone in the world, even if they don’t speak the same language. Without a doubt, art is one of the most precious type of expression that humans can have in this

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