Erich Pinchas Fromm: Personal Life

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Personal Life Fromm was born in March 23rd, 1900 in Frankfurt as Erich Pinchas Fromm. He was the only child to an Orthodox Jewish couple Naphtali Fromm and Rosa née Krause. His father Naphtali was a wine trader (Born, Pinchas, & Rabinkow, 2000). When Fromm was born at the turn of the century, Jewish community was not absolutely middle class (Friedman, 2013, p. 4). Fromm describes his early years having a “medieval atmosphere” where learning the tradition was the only thing (Friedman, 2013, p. 4). Fromm’s paternal great grandfather was a prominent rabbi in the Jewish community and his grandfather was one of the most important rabbis in the Frankfurt’s Jewish community at the time. His father was one of the ten siblings among which 6 girls married mostly teachers and 3 other boys turned out as a merchant, lawyer and doctor. Fromm’s maternal family grandparents migrated from Russia to Finland and eventually to Germany. His maternal great grandfather had a cigar factory but died early and left the family in financial peril. While information on the Rosa’s siblings are ambiguous, Rosa is said to be good humored and cheerful. It is implied that Rosa married to Naphtali in order not to be a burden to her mother. Their relationship was tense and Rosa became observably depressed. Fromm’s accounts indicate that she was…show more content…
His book called The Sane Society which came out in 1955 was inspired by the early teachings of Marx. Fromm’s variety of socialism and communism discarded both the capitalism that prevailed in Western societies and communism that marked the then Soviet nation. He considered the latter as mechanizing and life denying whose ultimate consequence was a worldwide case of isolation. He endorsed the early teachings of Marx and became known as one of the forefathers of socialist humanism, propagating his philosophies to Western
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