Comparing Stalin And Napolean In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Throughout the story Animal Farm, i can see Napolean and Stalin are related. To beggin with, At the early of “Animal Farm”, Napolean doesn’t lead his farm by himself, it is Snowball and him that is the one working together. Stalin, After the success of the Russian Revolution, Stalin and Trotsky work together to control their country. The reason why Napolean is related to Stalin is because they are both a dictator. Napolean is the dictator of Animal Farm, he take control inside the farm after the death of Old Major. This is no different from Joseph Stalin, he was the dictator of the Soviet Union by the late 1920s. Next up is the willingness to turn against his allies. After the death of Old Major, every animal are inspire, they rise up and go against Mr.John - The old owner of the farm. After the successful rebel, Snowball and Napolean are nominated as the leader of the farm, because Napolean want all of the power of the farm, he decide to kick his other ally away and get all of the power. Same context in History, after the death of…show more content…
Napolean is an pure evil. After turn on Snowball, he become the dictator in the Animal Farm. He take away the puppies away from it parents and train them to be his sidekicks. Napolean kill all the animal that oppose to him and threat other animal with his dogs. Firstly is the 4 pigs, he force them to confess they work for Snowball, after the pigs confession, he order the dog to tear their throat apart in front of every animal. Then include the hens, sheeps and many other animal. It turn to a massacre afterward, the smell of blood is everywhere. Stalin also use the same way with the one that goes against him. In 1930s he give a out “Great Terror” which is a plan to execute every single one member of the military Communist Party that Stalin thought they might oppose him. As the result, there were roughly 750,000 members being
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