Napolean Animal Farm

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George Orwell perfectly engineered his book so readers could clearly understand the circumstances. The point of the book was to express communism in a new and easier to understand concept. Each animal in the story represented real people and archetypes that played a part in the Soviet Union. As the story progresses the laws seem to get more unjust, and more in favor of the pigs. Life turned upsidedown for these animals, just like it had for the people. After the rebellion, life for the animals was going rather smooth. But just like communism, Animalism had slowly been starting to crumble. It all started when the two milk pales had been stolen (it was obviously the pigs). The pigs seemed to have it great, but that was until Snowball was kicked…show more content…
Animal Farm 's laws were corrupt and only in favor of the pigs. Napolean was editing the laws just so the pigs could do what they want, and not technically break the law. The animals always wanted to say something about it, but they weren 't smart enough to put their thoughts together, or remember if the laws had always been that way. When the farm first started, everyone referred to each other as "Comrade". But Napolean thought he was to good for them, and he soon had the title "Leader Napolean", or "Savior of the Animals". The pigs soon started living in the house, and sleeping there, and eating there. The law was that no animal could live in the house, or sleep in the beds, but Squealer convinced the animals that the pigs needed better sleep since they were the smart ones. They also began to have the animals step out of the way in the presence of any pig. After the rebellion, the pigs and other animals had tasks that corrisponded with how old, and what type of animal they were. Everyone was treated fairly, at least until the pigs discovered their true talent. Lying. Squealer was constantly lying to the animals, and acting as if everything had been well. By the end of the book, the pigs had obtained so much power that they were indistinguishable from the humans. They walked on two legs, wore human clothes, and even lived human
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