How Effective Is Napoleon A Hero?

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In the early 1700’s France was an absolute monarchy, they were in an excessive amount of debt due to lavish spending, and were divided into three estates. The first estate consisting of clergy and second estate being the nobles. The peasants who made up the third estate and majority of the population were taxed highly and had no say, nor rights, which led to their revolt. Louis XVI ruled until the Revolution took place. He and his wife, Marie Antoinette, were heavy contributors to the nation's debt. During the Revolution. Louis XVI attempted to flee, afterwards the people tried him for treason and executed him.Then, the Directory was established during the years 1795 to 1799 the conservatives created this tactic as a result of the Reign of Terror and consisted of a five member committee. Until Napoleon Bonaparte, a very successful military general, took control of France, and conquered much of Europe. He sought political power in France in 1799 through a coup d’état and later crowned himself emperor in 1804. Through ambition and being a skilled military strategist he…show more content…
His large ego made him desire to conquer all of Europe due to losses in recent wars, such as the war with Spain and at the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleón’s greatest mistake came in 1812 after the continental system Russian Czar refused to stop trading with the British. Alexander pulled back his troops and rather than turn over Russia's Holy City he set it in flames. Russian army attacks Napoleon and his retreating soldiers compassionless. Fighting and due to the poor weather conditions the number of his soldiers diminished in the December the remaining soldiers retreated, and were left with a rough count of 10,000 soldiers. In 1815 Napoleón attacked in the battle of Waterloo . The British and Prussian forces aligned and attacked the French. This defeat ended Napoleóns last bid for
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