Napoleon Bonaparte Character Analysis

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Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most remarkable figures in French history. He became famous not only due to his brilliant intellect and military skills but also due to his great ambitions that reflected in the giddy success in his career. He started military service at the age of 16, and after scoring a series of brilliant victories, he becomes a general at the age of 24, ten years later he becomes the Emperor of French. His personality, even during his lifetime, has always been surrounded by various legends and myths. Nowadays, people are still telling unbelievable and fascinating stories about the character and life of the great Emperor. He is the central character of different movies, fiction books and historical novels ever since. His name is still either notoriously debated or praised to the skies. The vivid example of it can be found in the novel The Passion by…show more content…
Firstly, Henri is fascinated by the Emperor – all his actions, moves, and words seem to be the proof of his greatness. Emperor’s words bear a special significance for Henri. Napoleon’s phrases and expressions appear to be the wise aphorisms at first, however, later he starts to realise how empty and insignificant they are. On the example of Henri's attitude change towards Napoleon's words, we can see how changes his attitude towards the Emperor in general. The author strives to emphasise Bonaparte’s hunger for glory, his desire to reach his goals at any price. He has no mercy on his soldiers who die for him. Henri realises that when he observes how thousands of soldiers die in vain in the Channel: “The wind has already loosened scores of barges, forcing men out chest deep into impossible waters Bonaparte, with his coat pulled round his head, says we can. We will. July 20th, 1804. Two thousand men were drowned
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