Napoleon Bonaparte Dbq Analysis

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Napoleon Bonaparte must have been an extraordinary chess player. Throughout the french revolution he took every minute detail and thoroughly established it in a comprehensive manner. Napoleon came at a time of turmoil. As an economic crisis stalked france, the peasants began to revolt because of the unruly oppression they were being dealt. Napoleon longed to be the glue that needed to be put in place in order for the country to strive. Napoleon was indeed a product of the french revolution.. Napoleon gained his power as a successful military leader, and his reputation from the many battles that he won. (Document 1)After the death of King louis XVI the peasants revolted against the very disliked committee of public safety, who ruled france for nearly a year after louis’s death( Notes 2/28/17), Napoleon stepped up and guided them. After overthrowing the committee of public safety he was elected as the first consult of france because they liked, his style and how he helped get rid of the public committee of safety. This gave him absolute power. This of course showing that Napoleon was the libertarian leader that everyone needed at the time and a clear product of the french revolution.…show more content…
(Document 2) In 1789 Napoleon abolished feudalism and outlawed custom houses making high peasant taxes as well as all feudal restrictions no more. This gave peasant more property and ownage of things (Notes 3/2/17). All of these outlaws highlight Napoleon 's embodiment of the french revolution because It shows that he wanted equality and peace between the nobles and peasants just as the “Equality” part of France’s motto states “Liberty, Equality,
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