Napoleon Bonaparte Good Or Bad Essay

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Was Napoleon Bonaparte a good person? When Napoleon came to power he did many things for France. The things he contributed to France was lycees, opened up the churches, bettered tax collection, ended corruption, and the Napoleon’s Code. Many people like to think that Napoleon was a bad man, but they don’t seem to acknowledge the fact that he helped out everyone greatly. With all the things he did for France the bad things he did should outweigh the bad. Napoleon was not perfect and a lot of his men died, but that does not make him a bad man. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the Mediterranean Island of Corsica and he had seven brothers and sisters. When he was 9 years old he went and joined a military school and did not get out until he was …show more content…

Napoleon did many things for France. Including bring the churches back and letting people practice their own religion again. Which most people did not do back then because if someone supported their religion more than the leader then the leader would not have complete control over them. They can not do anything to them cause the worst thing that could happen is that they die and go to heaven. Also he he opened up schools in France that was free for the boys even if they was poor, even if it was not for the girls to attend to, but that was common back then. Atleast he actually opened up education to boys even for those that could not even afford it. Napoleonic code was something that eliminated many injustices. But also it limited free speech and press, and brought back slavery. Soon after that Napoleon elected himself as emperor. Which was actually kind of cool because he sent out a thing for everyone to see if it was a good idea for him to become an emperor or not. When the things came back most of the people had said it was a good idea and only 3,000 said no. So Napoleon called the pope down so they could have this big ceremony to celebrate and for the pope to crown him as emperor. But since Napoleon worked for everything he has ever gotten when the pope came up to crown him Napoleon took it and crowned himself. Everything Napoleon has done so far is nothing ,but good things and he is a really good

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