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Life in France… was the definition of hell. France was a disaster, its people forgot the taste of bread, seeing army glory, and silkiness of money. Through Frances disparities though, hope was manifested. One man arose to leadership and order. The person can be no other than Napoleon Bonaparte. Knowing Napoleon by being in his army, I know he is the savior of France, the strong ambitious emperor, and left an unforgettable legacy.
Our savior of France was born on August 15, 1769, on the island of Corsica. Napoleon was sent to military school at age nine, and graduated at the age of sixteen to become a lieutenant in artillery. The sound of his name was used more after the Hero of the Hour; Napoleon's name would be heard countless of times. Standing …show more content…

Napoleon wanted to ensure a stable economy right away. Seeing the construction of the National bank was a nice thing to witness since it helped the economy. This showed how Napoleon cared for the people, and was innovative as well by setting up the bank. At last it was fast and efficient to pay my taxes. Along with the bank Napoleon introduced lycees to educate the people. It was truly amazing getting to hear my son sing the alphabet. To unify France more, Napoleon made the Napoleonic code, the countries uniform set of laws. The laws brought the pleasant sight of order throughout the streets of France; order in France has not been here for a while. When Napoleon proclaimed himself as emperor, the people of France could not agree more. Witnessing the crowning the Napoleon, from the church gave France a euphoric feel, that Napoleon would lead France to …show more content…

Napoleon made many bold decisions that kept making headlines. One of them was the selling of Louisiana. This was a smart sell by Napoleon since now France had more money to focus on European affairs, which probably might have used for better economy use. Then news came about the third coalition. Europe was in war against France. In battle Napoleons bravery uplifted us from the abyss of fear, encouraging us to fight strong. Oh how I admired Napoleon, his genius, courage, and ambition fueled us with sounds of euphoria. The graveyard reeked with dead bodies of fallen my fallen brothers, and France could not stop reading about the news outside of France. One in particular is the battle of Trafalgar. There I found myself holding my bayonet hiding, fearing the British genius in navel battles. It angered everyone to hear that France could still not defeat of most hated rival … the British - however Napoleon kept his chin up and pressed on. The empire of France continued dominating Europe. For a while now European countries signed treaties after treaties falling into Frances power. A good portion of our taxes went towards the wars, and what was needed to manage such a large empire. To keep the French Army stable Napoleon would rally up troops, on a podium giving a great speech to fight for him. I could see the young and ambitious men, hyped with the euphoric speech Napoleon gave. France was at its peak for five years.

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