Napoleon Bonaparte Significance

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What Significance did Napoleon Bonaparte have upon France and the World today?
Napoleon Bonaparte was a significant man who was regarded as a person who was responsible for many historic events that would reshape France and Europe during the late 18th and early 19th century and the future world today. He has been portrayed as a merciless leader, fearing little that stood in his way. Napoleon led his army in this fashion for nearly 20 years, literally changing the face of Europe and of his people but this fashion was to be the end of his reign, when around 1814, Napoleon 's reign ceased, Napoleon 's empire began to collapse leading to his eventual exile from France. This essay will focus on how his marvellous yet disastrous reign changed the lives of everyone around and the modern world forever for the good and the worse. Firstly, Napoleon Bonaparte was responsible for the deaths 3.5 million French and other European countries soldiers and civilians. Some could argue that these were deaths due to his wars to protect France during these times, however I believe that actually he was responsible for the deaths of these people because of his never ending desire to extend France’s borders to make it the superpower of Europe and then the world. He showed this when he quoted “Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily” This shows he valued the lives of his soldiers below glory and victory. The effect of the war on France over this time period was
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